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    About DPS Hinjawadi

    Delhi Public School Hinjawadi, under the aegis of the Delhi Public School Society, East of Kailash, New Delhi, upholds a rich legacy of progressive education and commitment to excellence. With over 200 schools globally, we prioritise holistic education, focusing on each student’s social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and physical development.

    Our meticulously planned curriculum, interactive teaching methods, data-driven insights and tailored learning styles create an engaging and lifelong learning environment. By promoting critical thinking, reflection, and a success mindset, we empower students to overcome challenges, pursue excellence, and become globally responsible, ready to impact the world positively.

    Our Vision

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    Our vision is to provide a holistic education that cultivates academic excellence, instils a success mindset, fosters character development, and nurtures innovation, empowering students to become confident, well-rounded individuals capable of positively impacting society as the change-makers of tomorrow.

    Our Mission

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    Our noble mission is to dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to serving our country and the world, nurturing exceptional global citizens who can propel humanity towards a brighter future. Our approach is deeply rooted in the ‘Seva Bhav‘ principle, where serving others is performed with utmost selflessness and grace, placing their needs above our own.

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    Our Team

    DPS Hinjawadi takes pride in its commitment to providing quality education to children, believing it is the key to individual and national progress. Our team consists of highly qualified and dedicated educators who play a crucial role in shaping the future of our students.[Read more] 

    Through rigorous recruitment and continuous professional development, we ensure that our educators possess extensive expertise and unwavering passion, creating exceptional learning experiences that result in academic excellence and equip students with competency, character, confidence, and a success mindset. We firmly believe these attributes will empower our students to thrive in all aspects of life and make meaningful contributions to society.
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    Message From Our Chairman

    The India we live in today is at that point of its trajectory from where it can make a quantum jump into the future. Being the youngest country in the world, with the majority of its population in its thirties, we have nowhere to go but forward. The rest of the world is increasingly seen as the next natural global leader. [Read more] 

    We have taken just the first toddler’s steps toward this goal. However, before the marathon begins, we must learn how to walk. This ability will come only through an educational revolution that will enable our youth to match up to international standards — and that has to begin at the very basic level of teaching-learning activity. [Read more] 

    The Delhi Public School Society, established more than six decades ago, has been a visionary in this regard. It has striven to provide a holistic education to its students through the DPS chain, which now encompasses over 180 schools in India and abroad. All our schools have geared up to take on the challenges of the future head-on. Delhi Public Schools are not just about education. We perceive our role as the custodian of our country’s future and strive to encourage our children to excel not only at academics but as responsible citizens of tomorrow with a sense of duty and responsibility towards our nation. They are encouraged to appreciate the fragility of our ecosystem and respect nature. Each child that steps into the sanctum of DPS walks out as an aware, educated and ethically sensitive global denizen for tomorrow.

    I welcome you and your child to this wonderful family and wish you the best for a bright future with warm wishes.

    VK Shunglu
    Chairman, DPS Society

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    Message From Our Pro VC

    Dear parents,

    With immense pride and pleasure, we present the upcoming Delhi Public School Hinjawadi, an institution that will uphold the esteemed legacy of The Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi. As a distinguished member of the DPS family, our school is poised to stand tall among the 200+ Delhi Public Schools across the globe, symbolising a network of values, systems, and enduring relationships. [Read more] 

    Delhi Public School Hinjawadi is promoted by the Kush Innovative Foundation. The promoters of DPS Hinjawadi proudly carry a remarkable track record in the K-12 sector, playing a pivotal role in the resounding success of Delhi Public Schools in Varanasi, Nashik, and Lava Nagpur. [Read more] 

    At Delhi Public School Hinjawadi, we firmly believe that education should encompass the holistic development of your child’s being – nurturing their scholastic pursuits and their social, emotional, spiritual, and physical growth. Our approach to education is deeply rooted in interactive and innovative teaching methods, fostering a lifelong passion for learning in our young learners.

    The school takes great pride in crafting a seamless harmony between the scholastic and co-scholastic curriculum, harnessing the power of technology to enhance the educational experience, and equipping our students with skills that will prepare them for an ever-evolving world. Our passionate educators and state-of-the-art facilities will ensure an enriching environment for the finest learning experiences, unlocking every child’s potential. 

    Central to our mission is the nurturing of responsible global citizens who, beyond academic excellence, embody a profound sense of social sensitivity and a deep appreciation for our rich Indian culture, heritage, and environment.

    I am sure that you, as parents, aspire for nothing less than the best for your children and would like to make them a part of DPS Hinjawadi – a beacon of excellence where we strive to provide an educational odyssey that will not only enrich their minds but also foster transformation, paving the way for a future filled with promise and potential.

    Thank you for entrusting us with your children’s educational journey. I assure you that together, we will nurture their dreams and aspirations with care and dedication.

    Gautam Rajgarhia
    Pro Vice Chairman

    DPS Hinjawadi Pune | Varanasi | Nashik I Lava Nagpur

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    Chief Learner's Note

    My Dear Parents,

    “The School Life is the best life ever”, as we relish all experiences of the joy of pure friendship and helping someone with no expectations. I dream of giving the best schooling experiences to every child in this country. I also resolve to see each child fly high in the sky of success. Therefore, the holistic development of your child is our responsibility. [Read more] 

    Although DPS is well-known for its academic excellence, it is also deeply rooted in the belief that the school is nothing but an extension of the child’s home. It is said that school is the second home of a child. [Read more] 

    But I say that school is a child’s first home because the child spends most of the waking hours in school. AT DPS, the child starts experiencing the school as an extended family. We believe in having an environment and culture which is welcoming and student-centric because of which every child feels at home when in school.

    One of the many approaches we use at school that makes my students feel at home is a lot of focus on building relationships through “SANGHMITRA”. From childhood to adulthood, there is one activity that remains constant in our lives, which is playing games. Isn’t it true? In Sanghmitra, we play many games, and through playing many games, we leverage the good feelings of students towards these games and use them in the academic setting to clarify concepts, boost engagement, and teach precious life lessons.

    The second approach that makes my students feel at home is that they learn to become self-directed learners. At DPS Hinjawadi, students understand how they learn! They understand the process that is best suited for their learning journeys. The school helps them uncover their cognitive development levels to become masters of their learning journey.

    Another crucial learning we imbibe in our children is critical thinking ability. Because when they become critical thinkers, children make the best decisions, observe their limitations, depend on evidence to make judgments and show interest in others’ ideas. We understand that our children are inspired by their teachers’ thinking processes in the classroom. Therefore, our teachers are well-equipped with all these abilities.

    Moreover, our students’ learning foundation is strengthened by the well-defined 4Rs of education (Relevance, Rigour, Relationship, and Reflection). The overall development of every child studying at DPS is solely our responsibility. Therefore, we have religiously adopted the ‘Pancha Kosha’ theory of education. The Panchkosha theory derives from our ancient Indian scripture- The Taittiriya Upanishad. It describes human beings as having a five sheaths personality. This theory focuses on the five developments (Koshas) of the human body: physical development (Sharirik Vikas), development of life energy (Pranik Vikas), emotional and mental development (Manasik Vikas), intellectual development (Bauddhik Vikas) and spiritual development (Spirtual Vikas). It gives our children healthy living in all spheres of their life.

    So, What are you waiting for? I personally invite you to come and witness the learning journey with us.

    Siddharth Rajgarhia
    Chief Learner

    DPS Hinjawadi Pune | Varanasi | Nashik I Lava Nagpur